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Living Off the Land

According to an Article in Modern Farmer, a Local North Carolina Pepper Farmer Ed Currie Races for the Hottest Pepper

We ran across this new magazine Modern Farmer today and absolutely loved the articles and pictures that were in it (such as this pepper photo).

An article titled "Growing Pain" "Chilehead fanatics race to cultivate the world's hottest pepper" caught our attention!

We spoke to North Carolina Pepper Farmer Ed Currie of PuckerButt Pepper Company several times over the last year and was pleased to run across this article and see the attention he is getting in his race to the hottest pepper. We tried to buy some PuckerButt Pepper Sauce on our last visit to Charleston at the Pepper Palace, but unfortunately he was sold out of the PuckerButt Sauce. Upon further investigating, we discovered that we can buy the sauce from the PuckerButt Pepper Company website.

Although nowhere near the volume or heat that Ed Currie has, we at Carolina Farms & Estates have planted our "hot peppers" for this year and are looking forward to that first taste of HEAT!

Here is a photo of our garden boxes from 2012 mid-season

Living Off the Land

Alpaca Farming - A Quality Way of Living

I ran across these photos when going through our file cabinet today. They bring back such wonderful memories of our alpaca farm in Ohio.

Some of our favorite times and memories are from raising alpacas and watching our children learn about animal husbandry. We strongly believe that working with the animals on our farm has help to make each of our four children the awesome workers that they are today.