Ok, I feel like I am sending my first child to school, or something very close to that. Learning the new ways that folks like to shop for things they have an interest in can, at times, be a struggle for old dirt heads like myself. I learned a long time ago that you can’t beat mother nature, and you will lose 99% of the time  at “still doing  things the old way”  to get by in business and  surviving for  tomorrow. I was about a young 22 years old when I bought my first computer while I was selling Bobcat Loaders in Ohio. The company I worked for at the time believed heavily in the “golden rule” (He who has the gold, makes the rules).   The big guys from Bobcat came in and heavily suggested that I have a computer for the new ways that were fast approaching us (the age of personal computers).   I was so nervous, but also very excited, about the potential the computer would provide me with -accelerating my sales which meant more $$ for me. I could hardly stand it!  Computers cost a fortune and when I asked my boss to pay for it, he laughed, “that is nonsense for a salesman to have a computer”. Well remember the golden rule he lived by, it killed him! Not literally, but financially it did, but not me. I mustered up the courage to order a machine and with the help of the Bobcat tech team, I was off to the races and never looked back.

Well, a lot has changed in the business world in a short almost 30  years, but the thought process is  still the same. “Don’t fight technology” which is why I am writing this blog! We believe big time, in the Internet for marketing everything, and anything, and we have been told by many to start “blogging”. So here we go!

I have somewhat fought the idea of finding some time to sit and just start writing about our business,   what we do,   who we are, and all that stuff. Then when I started to check it out, it got pretty easy. Google makes us non-techy folks feel special at times because we do this stuff. You start thinking about what you want to blog about and all kinds of things start coming to mind and before too long I start to reflect about what we do, how we got here, where are we going, who we going with and it goes on and on. I realize that what my family and  I do for a living is  a great career and I think I am going to start writing a fair amount about it, because it is very rewarding in so many ways.

In a nutshell, we sell land! We are heavily involved in making buyers dreams come true and creating vision for them. We specialize in farms, land, lots, consistency, like and kind and properties that make you proud to be the owner of. We live in York County, SC and it is probably one of the best places this side of the Mississippi to be.

There will be lots more to come. Can’t wait to tell the fence story. There are always two sides to every story, and my dear friend Joe Metker’s story is not quite as good as mine. He somewhat has selective memory the way I see it!

Looking forward to writing and hearing from fellow bloggers and how they are getting along with all the new ways to stay in touch, and  with all the different tools to pick from. Way too many to name them all, but using any of them is better then not using any at all.

Be back soon,

Tim Helline
Carolina Farms & Estates