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What's Happening in York County, South Carolina

Our New Office - We're STILL Moving Along

A lot has been happening since a week ago. We have a new roof on the building and after the old shingles were removed, we had no roof damage that needed repaired!! Hard to believe after all the damage we found after removing the shingles.

We replaced all of the windows and we were able to keep the interior trim. I can't help myself, but I love old wood -whether it is a door, trim, table, bench and so on.  I just think older wood feels and looks so much better than what you can buy today.

We painted all of the ceilings and then laid the kitchen and bath flooring.

The floors are getting sanded today and it's time to pick out a stain color. We narrowed it down to 5, put a sample on the floor, and after changing my mind about 30 times, we finally picked a color. Really I had to walk away and tell Tim to pick whatever he wanted. Can you guess which one he picked?

We have to stay off the floors for three days to allow the poly to dry. I can't wait to see them finished!

We went over how the handicap ramp was going to access the front porch, then we were off to Lowe's to pick out lighting.