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Friday's Finds

Copper Planter's at a Metal Scrap Yard - Really? What Were You Thinking!

I love today's Friday's Find! And you're not going to believe where I found them -  the Scrap Yard!

After we purchased the building for our new office, our youngest son volunteered (LOL) to remove the old heating ducts so they could be replaced with new duct work. Bless his heart, he crawled around in the very small crawl space and cut out the old duct work. We piled it, and the old metal awnings from the front of the home, onto the trailer and off to the scrap yard we went.

After weighing the scrap and dropping it off in the back of the lot, I went inside to collect Brody's money. $28 for the first load. We went back to the office and loaded up the remainder of scrap, and back to the scrap yard we went. This time, when I went inside to collect Brody's money I saw the large and medium sized copper planter's and fell in love! BUT, I walked away with only the $30 in cash for the scrap. Brody was happy. Me, not so much.

Several days went by and I couldn't get the copper planter's out of my mind. They were sitting in the scrap yard office on a dirty old shelf with layers of dust on the outside, and scraps of copper wire, bolts, nails and the likes, piled on the inside. I had to find out how much they were.

Tim and I finished up an appointment on a Friday afternoon around 4 o'clock. I asked him to stop by the scrap yard so I could look at the planter's again and find out how much they were. I was only interested in the large one. I thought it would look nice in front of the fireplace at the office. We pulled into the scrap yard just as they were closing the gates and went in and talked to the owner. After a lot of negotiating, finagling, and adding on copper planter's, we settled on a price for all three. $80

Click on the photo for more information on the pictured copper planter.